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FlexFlock System AB

We manufacture in Sweden today what we call the next generation of loose layingsystem for wooden floors. The floor when in place does not move. And we do not use either glue or any locking system to keep it in place. This and the fact that it comes with an automatic soundproof underlay makes it one of the most revolutionary constructions in the wooden floor industry at this time. The secret behind the construction lays in the fantastic flocked surface produced under the board and on the underlay. When putted together it creates a frictiongrip that keeps the floor 100% in place. More about this fantastic invention under “system” and “flock” headlines. We also work further on developing several different underlays so we can meet the demands from customers who have special needs. For example in more damp areas like basements, garages or houses close too the coast. We also developing a even more soundproofed underlay that can be used in music studios, stores and so on.
Our goal for 2005 is to offer the market a reliable construction no matter what need the customer and the market demands. And we are on the right track to fulfil it already.

We hope that you will be a part of this goal!!

If you have any question about your flooring problem do not hesitate to contact us!